Pride Month builds!

For Pride Month, I am going to share some non sci-fi builds that are more artistic and symbolic. They were actually so much fun to make – it was refreshing to work on something that was creative instead of copying. I love to branch out my builds and take any chane I can get to build something unique.

I am normally a big supporter of the The LEGO Group (I have a website full of my builds with LEGO bricks after all!). But I will hold them accountable and it is important to call out when they get it wrong.

It has been so disappointing to see all of the shallow gestures from corporations in Pride month, that focus on making the company look good instead of actually supporting the community. It’s sad to see that LEGO has done the same. A representative from the company reached out through a Facebook group months ago with a brief for the Alphabet of Awesome project. I was excited to be part of it, as a proud queer LEGO builder. She kept telling me to wait and even asked me to not share my builds on social media until I hear from her. So that’s what I did – turns out she just hadn’t bothered to stay in touch and the project is live. I found out by seeing it in my feed. It’s disappointing to see such a lack of consideration and respect for LEGO builders. I absolutely understand that my builds didn’t make the cut, but I do expect communication especially if they have asked me to keep the builds private. Isn’t the point of the project to include the community?

Anyway, I will not let that overshadow the bigger cause, and what the Alphabet of Awesome is about, and what representation is about. So here’s some pictures of my builds and what they represent, this is my contribution to the community for pride month 🏳️‍🌈

The tree of kindness shows that we are all diverse, but we are also all one, all sharing the same tree and connecting through acts of kindness. It can be the act of giving a balloon, a nurse helping a patient or athletes shaking hands. The tree sits on the non-binary flag to show that kindness sits on diversity; diversity from the binary of gender norms and stereotypes.

The freedom build is the escape from a firey cage into the freedom of a beautiful beachside oasis. The blank coloured minifigures represent for me that we are all different, and that diversity is strength, but we share a common desire to escape the chains that bind us. We seek freedom and we can find it together by embracing our diversity, and that will bring us to the oasis.


LEGO® is a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this site

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