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You can now buy building kits with all of the pieces included! And its genuine LEGO bricks. These building sets are inspired by the iconic Stargate TV series, Want to find out more and see what’s available? Click here . This is the start of something BIG and if it takes off there is a lot more to come – that’s Vipers, the Starship Enterprise, a full sized Daedalus and more! So visit the store, get your building kit before it sells out and share with your friends so it takes off and I can make even more kits.

How is the cost and handling time calculated?

Making custom building kits is an incredibly time consuming and expensive process. It involves designing the build digitally, making the instructions and then sourcing each individual element from a number of different sources. 60% of the price you pay is for the LEGO elements. The rest is for the time it takes to order and sort the pieces and design the build. Ebay also takes a 14% cut.The handling time is approximately three weeks. This is because each set is made to order. I can promise it is worth the wait though. You are paying for the ease of not needing to source the pieces yourself, and not needing to design the build yourself.

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