A guide to buying parts for Building Instructions

Here I am going to talk about how to get individual parts quickly, easily and cheap. It might seem like a complex process, but purchasing individual parts has become so popular that the process is easy and streamlined thanks to some great sites like Bricklink and LEGO Pick a Brick.

First here’s a pricing guide for the new Subscriber only Stargate building instructions. Keep in mind a few things; postage varies by country (the below is for postage to Australia), prices change every day, and this is generated using the automatic easybuy feature on Bricklink (so it could be cheaper somewhere else). Therefore this is a guide only. I don’t commit to any of these prices.

PricePrice (with International Shipping)
USS Daedalus 14″$141$171
Prometheus (mini)$15$42
Destiny (mini)$6$27

When ordering parts I recommend going through the parts list and ticking off the parts you already have. Keep in mind you can substitute one part for another. This is really useful with plates. For example, you could replace a 2×4 plate with 2 2×2 plates.

Next, jump onto one of the many sites where you can order parts online. A few suggestions are Bricklink and LEGO.com. Do you have anywhere else you go for individual parts? If so, let us know in the comments! These sites should all let you search by the “Element ID”. This is the number next to each part on the instructions. You can then select the colour. I find searching by the element ID is the quickest way to go. Unfortunately there is no way to avoid searching for each piece individually.

I would choose one site, and get all the parts from there. If you are using Bricklink, try to use one seller where you can (to cut down on postage). I also recommend using domestic sellers as International postage is expensive and unreliable with the COVID-19 crisis. For the sake of simplicity, I would only look to other sites for a better deal on the most expensive parts. Prices can vary significantly between different sites but is a hassle to compare when ordering a variety of elements.

If you’re worried about the process of ordering parts, you could try the smaller builds first. Destiny has less than 100 parts in total so it is cheap and easy to order! I’ve tried to have something for everyone so while the big Daedalus has a lot of parts, you could try the mini-Deadalus for less parts. It only has 137 parts and you don’t need a subscription to access it!

If you have questions, I’m here to help! You can contact me here, or comment below with any questions!

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