USS Discovery-A

This LEGO® Star Trek MOC is a replica of the USS Discovery-A, from season 3 of Star Trek Discovery. Check out the video here!

Quick Facts

Building time: One month | Parts count: Approx 200 | Dimensions: 46cm length, 26cm width



The Design Process

After building the massive USS Discovery, I wanted to convert it to the Discovery-A. However the Discovery-A refit was such a different design that it ended being impossible to do the conversion without completely dismantling the build. So I made the difficult decision to dismantle the Discovery so I could build more Star Trek ships. I went for a smaller version of the Discovery-A so I could avoid the structural issues with the bigger model. This allowed me to focus on getting the shape right, and add in three different shades of trans blue elements to give it a futuristic effect.

LEGO Star Trek USS DiscoveryLEGO Star Trek Discovery USS Discovery A Refit

LEGO Star Trek USS DiscoveryLEGO Star Trek Discovery USS Discovery A Refit

The most challenging aspect of the Discovery-A is of course the detached warp nacelles. I worked around this by building a stand that could hold the nacelles separately. While this is a smaller build, it is still the same size as my Enterprise NX-01


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