The Brik City

Welcome to the Brik City, a city made entirely of LEGO® bricks, with its own theme park, shops, windmill and train system. It’s full of excitement and adventure.

I’ve added together lots of LEGO® sets, some are original and some are modified, along with my own creations to build this massive city.



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Quick facts

  • The Brik City has over 300 minifigures, each having an adventure in this exciting City
  • The Brik City comprises over twenty LEGO® sets, including five train sets.
  • The Brik City has covers over 4 square metres


  • Trains are essential to The Brik City, because I am passionate about a city that uses public transport more than cars. The decision to have very few parking spaces is intentional
  • The city is limited by space but has three train stations. They each have platforms of varying lengths, but the platform on the main station is long enough for a six carriage train (2x 60197 Passenger Train).
  • The three stations are the Central station in the middle of town, the airport station and the theme park station.

Check out the train stations here:


Theme park

  • The theme park is the key attraction of The Brik City! With two huge rollercoasters, a ferris wheel and a big drop, its built to stand out!
  • The big drop is 1.5 metres tall!
  • One rollercoaster is the Creator Expert Set, and the other is a custom expansion of a much smaller Creator Set. The pirate rollercoaster goes out of the world of sand and water into a forest, flying past the fire breathing dragon at the top of the mountain.
  • In between the big rides, there are lots of activities, including a balloon stand.

Check out the theme park here:


The city has over 300 minifigures from lots of different universes! Its a diverse city with lots of adventures happening. The Doctor is saving the town from the Daleks, but he’s missed the weeping angels. Iron Man and Doctor Strange are protecting the fleeing coffee man from Loki. There are buskers outside the museum. And we all love LEGO® sets so there is a robber trying to break into the store. What stories and unique minifigures can you see?

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