BC-303 Prometheus (Mini)

This LEGO® MOC is a replica of the BC-303 Prometheus seen in Stargate SG-1.


Quick facts

Size: 14cm / 6″ | Parts count: 107 pieces

The Design Process

Prometheus on the outset seems like a simple design, but it is more challenging than the Daedalus, especially with the different angles at the nose of the ship. The challenge was to ensure the angles were accurately replicated at a small scale and ensure the design wasn’t a box-shape. I used lots of slope pieces. Luckily there is a variety of different angles.

Given the ratio of the centre section to the flight pods, I decided to use an odd stud width (three studs in the centre) and “SNOT” pieces to make the flight pods slightly wider than one stud. This ensured that there was a high attention to detail across the entire MOC.



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