This LEGO® MOC is a replica of the of the Atlantis city seen in Stargate Atlantis.


Quick facts

Size: 26cm / 10″ | Parts count: 576 pieces

The Design Process

Even at a small scale Atlantis is a challenging build! Each pier is a bit different and the centre is hollow hexagon shape. This build became almost entirely “SNOT” (studs not on top) with the piers based off a “SNOT” ring in the centre. The challenge was ensuring the build remained stable, which is why it doesn’t have a stand. I then built each pier the same but made slight changes to make them unique.

I tried to replicate the actual buildings but this posed a challenge at such a small scale. That’s why I focused on getting the ‘feel’ right and ensuring it stood out as a clear replica of the iconic city. When it came to the control tower, I focused on detail including making it hang in the air. This was a challenge, and especially fiddly when designing it digitally. I was lucky that it didn’t need a lot of support to hold it in place because it is at a small scale.

This LEGO® MOC went through a number of reworks as I made lots of minor changes to improve stability and ensure the parts used were all easily ordered.



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