Enterprise NCC-1701

This LEGO® Star Trek MOC is a replica of the Original USS Enterprise NCC-1701, reimagined in Star Trek Discovery. Check out the video here!

Quick Facts

  • Building time: Three months
  • Parts count: Approx 1400
  • Versions made: One
  • Dimensions: 68cm / 27″ long, 29cm/11.5″ wide
  • Weight: 1.2kg / 2.6lb


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The Design Process

The Enterprise was a unique and challenging build. I have been planning to build the classic Enterprise for years, and when I saw the new design from Star Trek Discovery I knew it was time to build it!

Normally I would start with the saucer section, however I realised that the most challenging section would be the star drive, so I decided to build it first so I could scale the saucer to that. I tried a lot of different strategies and ended up going with a completely “SNOT” (Studs not on top) design, inspired by the Saturn V rocket official set. This posed it’s own set of challenges but it allowed me to build a completely rounded shape with no studs showing!

I built a central cylinder with studs facing each direction and then put plates with curved slope pieces on the outside. To support the weight of the warp nacelles, I built a support from the saucer to the nacelles (so no weight is on the SNOT section).

The next challenge was the warp nacelles. Like Discovery, this is a fairly large MOC making the nacelles heavy and requiring a lot of support. This was difficult to accomplish while maintaining the gap in the center of the pylons (one of the most standout changes in the reimagined Enterprise). I put in as much support as I could and then settled for putting additional stands on the nacelles.


After that was the saucer, which was refreshingly straightforward! Though the impulse engines needed a lot of attention to get the detail just right. The final challenge was the stand, because the SNOT design of the stardrive didn’t create a section to put a lot of support onto. This meant that the ship fell forward with the weight of the saucer. It was time to bring in some Technic pieces to lock everything in!



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8 Comments Add yours

  1. Paul Boghosian says:

    Awesome build, how did you get the pillons for the nacelles to be at such an angle from the stardrive section?

    1. Scifibriks says:

      Glad you like the build! I used hinge pieces, with stands under the nacelles for extra support.

  2. Charles W Hupp says:

    I love it!! I have always felt LEGO was missing out on a money maker. Star Wars is fine but I’d rather have Trek sets. Care to share your plans? I would love to build my own.

    1. Scifibriks says:

      I agree, I would love to see some Star Trek sets! I don’t have plans for the Enterprise sorry, I just designed it as I went but if I decide to make any down the track I will post them on the website

  3. Neil olerhead says:

    I have the blue print kit for the next generation uss enterprise and was thinking of using them as blue prints to convert to a Lego scale model but don’t know where to start any ideas

    1. Scifibriks says:

      If you’re wanting to base it directly off the blue prints you could try printing them and building the LEGO on top of the blue prints

  4. Brad says:

    So do you sale the sets with full instructions and pieces to all of you awesome Star Trek builds?

    1. Scifibriks says:

      I only sell full sets for the Stargate ones at the moment sorry!

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