This LEGO® Stargate MOC is a replica of the Ancient ship Destiny, seen in Stargate Universe.

Quick Facts

  • Building time: Four weeks
  • Parts count: Nearly 1000
  • Versions made: Two
  • Dimensions: 40cm / 16″ long, 28cm / 11″ wide
  • Weight: 0.8kg / 1.8lb


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The Design Process

Destiny was a refreshingly straightforward build. It was a bit challenging to get images that showed every angle of the ship, but once I had an idea of exactly how it came together it was fairly simple. For destiny I didn’t build the ship from front to back like normal. I built it as a flat plate for the whole ship. Then I built up and down to add details.

  • LEGO Stargate Universe Destiny
  • LEGO Stargate Universe Destiny
  • LEGO Stargate Universe Destiny

The design was fairly simple once the shape was right. After this I added lots of greebling (elements that look like they serve a purpose but don’t). Even though it was such a small scale, I had to include the two shuttles which you can see in the photos above. Still the design was missing something. It looked very grey, and of course the ship itself is a dark brown/gold colour rather than grey. However I didn’t have the elements in that colour!

I ended up fixing this by adding gold elements to create some focal points and detail and give the ship the “ancient” feel.

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