This LEGO® MOC is a replica of the Anduril Sword from The Lord of the Rings.

Quick Facts

  • Building time: One week
  • Parts count: Approximately 700
  • Versions made: Four
  • Length of Sword: 129 cm / 51 inches
  • Length of Blade: 99 cm / 39 inches
  • Weight: 2.2kg / 4.9lb


The Design Process

Anduril, the “Sword of the King” from The Lord of the Rings, is the first sword I built with LEGO®, so there were a few challenges in working out the best way to balance the blade and the hilt. The sword measures an impressive length of 1.29 metres (with a blade of 0.9 metres!) and I wanted it to be to exact scale and “swooshable”. The size of the blade proved a challenge because the weight made it come off the hilt easily. I overcame this by extending the blade into the hilt and reinforcing the front section of the hilt with Technic pieces. While this made the base of the blade thicker, it was a compromise I was happy to make to ensure it was stable and wouldn’t snap easily.

The best part about this MOC is each measurement (including the length and width of the hilt) is exactly 1:1 scale and it can be given a good swing, because when making a sword from LEGO® bricks, it needs to be “swooshable”!

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