This LEGO® Battlestar Galactica MOC is a replica of the Battlestar Galactica from the 2004 remake.

So Say We All

Quick Facts

  • Building time: Six weeks
  • Parts count: Approximately 2000
  • Versions made: One
  • Dimensions: 68cm long
  • Weight: 2.5kg


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The Design Process

This LEGO® Battlestar Galactica MOC was an incredibly challenging build, with a lot of difficult curves and angles. It is a unique design which is why I put off building it for so long, and started with the much easier Pegasus! I decided to go for as much detail as possible, and only compromised on a few areas.

I picked the scale based on a broader project – building the fleet. As the Galactica is the second biggest ship in the fleet (after Pegasus) I decided to go for a large scale (because I love a big ship), knowing I will only need to make Pegasus bigger. This means that I can still get a bit of detail on the smaller ships in the fleet. They will still only be to approximate scale (Colonial one is meant to be able to fit inside the flight pods after all!) but it should look fairly accurate. This MOC is an impressive 68 cm long and near-perfectly proportioned!

Galactica was such a fun build because it was is unique. I used “SNOT” (Studs not on top” for most of the build, including the front, the main body, the flight pods and the engines. This allowed me to get more precise angles. This MOC involved more rebuilds than any other MOC. I rebuilt the front section and the middle section a number of times because I wanted it to be perfect. The front section originally used slope pieces but it wasn’t smooth enough so I changed to “SNOT” panels.

The other area of significant change was the flight pods. It was a challenge to get the angles right and have the classic triangular opening. It took a few tries and a full rebuild of the flight pods to get there!

As with most space ships, the grey is a challenge, so I got some maroon tile pieces to give it a classic BSG feel and add some colour. I am most proud of the attention to detail around the top of the engines, and underneath the ship (curved slope pieces became my friend, and I was lucky I got some in bulk a while ago!). This design is a bit different with the double stand, but it makes the MOC a lot more stable so it isn’t easily knocked!

Full Gallery

Check out the video footage of the LEGO ® Galactica below!


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