Star Trek Coda

This one isn’t related to LEGO, but it is about Star Trek! I’ve been working on another creative project for a few years, it’s a fan fiction based in the Star Trek universe and it’s finally finished! If that’s something you’re interested in, you can check it out here.

I also made a playlist for the story which is here!

Here’s the story description:

The Star Trek universe is incredible and vast but this story aims to explore something new – the hubris and flaws of the Federation. It tells a new tale of good people, including familiar heroes, who make the wrong decisions. It is challenging, engaging and unique. It focuses on the deep moments within a story arc that engulfs the galaxy and changes it forever. It has been nearly a decade of work, and the story has changed as I have grown from a young teenager to an adult. It has become a novella based around both new and familiar characters, told in a unique format from the perspective of a deeply knowledgeable historian and spanning three time periods. It’s tagged as gay, but it’s no normal boyxboy. It’s an epic tale about destiny and the end of the galaxy. There’s beautiful love between the two main characters that is just … there. It may be the only solid thing in the whole story.


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