Aquaman’s Trident

This LEGO® DC Comics MOC is a replica of the Aquaman’s Trident from the Justice League movie in the DC Cinematic Universe.

Legend has it that one day a new King will come who will use the power of the Trident to put Atlantis back together again

Quick Facts

  • Building time: Two weeks
  • Parts count: Approx 2000
  • Versions made: One
  • Dimensions: 212cm / 6.96″
  • Weight: 2.3 kg / 5.1 lb


The Design Process

Aquaman’s Trident is my biggest LEGO ® build, by far, which of course came with significant challenges. I had to ensure the entire MOC was stable, and strong enough to be held without breaking. This was more challenging with the narrow handle. I built the handle with a layer of criss-crossed plates, and slopes and tiles on either side. This ended up being strong enough luckily!

There aren’t a lot of pictures of the details on the trident, but there were enough for me to design the base and the blades at the top. I used a few different shades, include metallic silver, to make it less basic and really stand out. It is hard to tell the exact size of the trident from the Justice League movie, but I know Jason Momoa is taller than me, and the trident is significantly taller than him, so I aimed for the handle and base (excluding the head of the trident) to match my height. I wanted to get the size right because I think that is what really makes this prop stand out!

Overall this was a fairly straightforward build aside from the size, it was generally brick on brick with very little SNOT (Studs not on top) required. It is unusual for me to buy most of the elements for a build (instead of using what I already have) but I had nowhere near enough slopes and I thought the sharp pieces at the tips were essential. The base is built using SNOT, and this is the weakest section, because the weight of the rest of the MOC makes it challenging for it to stand on its own when this small section is only supported by a Technic rod.


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