Loki’s Scepter

This LEGO® Marvel MOC is a replica of Loki’s Scepter, from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Avengers.

Quick Facts

  • Building time: Two weeks
  • Parts count: Approx 1500
  • Versions made: One
  • Dimensions: 116cm / 45.7″
  • Weight: 1.4kg / 2.9lb


The Design Process

Loki’s Scepter was my first complex prop replica. It was an extremely challenging design in a lot of ways, including the curved handle, the curved blade, the size, the colour scheme and the connection between the blade and the handle.

I am fortunate enough to have a prop replica of the Scepter which I could copy so I started with the blade by laying the elements on top of the prop to get the shape right. Then I moved onto the handle. The handle is notably gold, which is a difficult colour in LEGO ® bricks. The selection of elements available is limited and they are difficult to source. I decided to use the ‘pearl gold’ colour but only on the outside. I used light brown elements (which were much easier to source!) in between the pearl gold tiles and slopes.

The handle was fairly straightforward, apart from the limited parts selection once I built an internal structure. I used a lot of “SNOT” (Studs not on top) to get the shape right by using tiles and slopes on the sides.

Marvel Loki's Scepter

The biggest challenge was connecting the blade to the handle. This required the plates to be connected at different angles at the same time, which makes it very unstable. I managed to connect it and also continue the gold of the handle alongside the blade using hinge plates. Continuing the gold alongside the blade was a huge challenge, as there was very little to connect it to.

Fortunately the infinity stone was fairly simple! Again, it was a “SNOT” design, and connected to the blade with a hinge plate.


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