Avengers Lego Video

Here is the Youtube Video with photos of the Quinjet, Black Widow and Hawkeye.

Sci-Fi Lego 3

My latest Sci-Fi lego video. Includes my newest creations and some very old ones from 2008-2011. Some of the creations have not been put online yet. Sci-Fi Lego 3

Some 3D videos

As an extra hobby, I have made some 3D videos from Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda and Star Trek. You need red/blue 3D glasses to view them. You can look up my Sci-fi videos on my Youtube Channel (The link is in the right-hand column) Andromeda Ascendant 3D Enterprise NX-01 3D High Guard Ships 3D Also here…

A Lego video

This is a video I made about a year ago. I’m going to update it soon with my newer Lego creations. It’s on YouTube as well. If you’re interested in Sci-Fi, have a look at my YouTube channel (youtube.com/startrek96). Sci-Fi Lego Here are some of my other videos SG-U Credits (My own version) The Andromeda…