First Post in a while

Been really busy and sick lately, so that is why there haven’t been many posts. Nonetheless I have been working on Pegasus. I’ve virtually rebuilt the middle section of the ship and am in the process of rebuilding the flight pods. I’ve also added the Colonial Logos.

More Photos of the Mark VII Viper

Finally here are some new good photos of the Mark VII Viper from Battlestar Galactica. Soon there will be more photos of the Mark II Viper.

Battlestar ‘Orion’

So, I now know what I need to do to finish off Pegasus, but it’ll take a while. However, the ship I have at the moment is a full battlestar. It’s just not Pegasus, so I am going to call it the Battlestar Orion. It is a fully separate ship now. So, I’ve taken heaps…

Mark II Viper

Here are some High-Resolution photos of the Viper

BS 62: Pegasus

Apologies for not posting in some time. I have been working on a major project – the Battlestar Pegasus. It’s the biggest ship I’ve made thus far out of lego. Below are a few photos of the progress I’ve made. I will keep on updating the facebook page at each stage of construction.