The Whitestar V3.0!

Here is the 3rd and final version of the Whitestar from Babylon 5. It is far more accurate and it took many hours of work. It was no easy task. I will most likely post more photos in the future. I just saw the 2nd Babylon 5 movie, “In the Beginning”. It was absolutely fantastic….

Sci-Fi Lego Video

This Video has all of my latest Lego creations with music from Babylon 5. It Includes the Excalibur V 3.0. Sci-Fi Lego 2

The I.A.S. Excalibur V 3.0

When I made the second version of the Excalibur, I thought that would be it. But, then I realised that yes, it was far better than my first version, but it could still be even more better. So, I set out to make it better. I had a few disasters and problems with the weight…

Crusade – IAS Excalibur

The Excalibur is seen in The Babylon 5 Movie, A Call To Arms and the Spin-off series Crusade. It’s 3km long and Dwarfs a Whitestar-class ship or any Earth-Force ship. This is my second version of the ship, the first wasn’t much good. You can have a look in the Blog archives. This version is…

Crusade – IAS Excalibur

Here’s another one I made a while ago. The Excalibur from the Babylon 5 Spin-off Series, Crusade.