The Avengers Lego

Here is my new Avengers Lego video as promised. I’d also like to mention a new page I will be adding. It is going to be a video page – with all of my Lego videos in one place on the blog. Nonetheless if you’re a fan of my videos please subscribe to  my youtube…

Looking back on 2012

First I would like to wish all of my fans a Happy New Year and say thankyou for your visits to my Blog and support. 2012 has been a huge year for Sci-Fi Lego. Right now the Blog has had 38,612 Visitors and the facebook page has 65 Likes. The Fan base is from over…

Avengers Lego Repost

At the moment not much has been happening but there are two projects on the cards. Here is some of my previously posted Avengers Lego. I post this because one of the new projects will be from the new Avengers Film. The other is a surprise! Scroll down to see some desktop backgrounds that have…

Avengers Lego Video

Here is the Youtube Video with photos of the Quinjet, Black Widow and Hawkeye.

Avengers Minifigures!

Here are some Lego minifigures from the Avengers, because to be honest I found the Lego ones quite disappointing. The facial expressions and costumes were far from accurate.     And I will be updating the minifigure page soon, because I believe it is out of date.

Avengers Quinjet Preview

After seeing the Avengers I could not resist making a quinjet! Would love to make the Helicarrier, but I don’t have enough pics of it. Here are some preview photos and there may be more Avengers Lego to come!