Full set of the new smaller Fighter Jet

This jet is slightly smaller than my other jet, but me and my friend think it is better. Notice that it also has only for large missiles instead of I think 12 on the larger one.

Sneak Peek of my new fighter jet

Here are a few photos of a new fighter I made. It’s a bit smaller than the other one and it has better missiles. What do you think? I’ll upload more pictures later. These pics aren’t really edited either. I will edit all of the photos at once.

My version of the X-Men Jet

This is my version of the Jet in X-Men. It is clearly quite different to the actual jet and I’ve made a lot of modifications to it since I first got it. I’m thinking the wings need to be a bit bigger, I’ll probably make another version of it when I get around to it….

MACO Pulse Rifle

The first creation for 2011. The MACO Pulse Rifle from Star Trek: Enterprise. I noticed an interesting fact about When Enterprise is set. It’s actually set at the same time as Avatar and Babylon 5. The three shows are so different. It’s interesting to see what different people think the 2150s are going to be…

Stargate SG-1 Minifigs

Some more minifigs (From SG-1 this time). You can email me at qapla01@hotmail.com for the vest decals. Colonel Cameron Mitchell Dr Daniel Jackson Colonel Carter

Stargate: Atlantis–Field Ops Team

The Atlantis Field Ops Team Minifigs. It took a couple of tries to make them and their guns. I made the vest on the computer. You can email me at qapla01@hotmail.com for the vest decal. Shepard Teyla Mackay Beckett