Happy Captain Picard Day!!

In celebration of Captain Picard Day here is a throwback to my Enterprise-E MOC from Star Trek! What’s your favourite Starfleet ship and how are you celebrating Captain Picard Day? It’s so exciting that they’ve given us a trailer for Season 2 of Star Trek Picard! LEGO® is a trademark of the LEGO Group of…

The Last Journey

I’ve decided to add a huge new component to the blog- Star Trek: The Last Journey. It will be a Fan Fiction piece that I will be updating regularly. Here’s the blurb: “The Last Journey is an epic tale of courage, weakness, sacrifice, life and death. Old Heroes will fall. New ones will be born…

More Photos of the Valdore

The orginal set of photos I posted wasn’t too good, but these ones are a lot less rushed. I actually ended up having to take them in the pitch black darkness, so there was no shadow – a very enjoyable task. The Valdore is my first Star Trek creation in a while and there probably…

Some Star Trek Minifigs

I’ve posted plenty of Stargate minifigs, but no Star Trek ones. Here is Malcolm Reed and captain Picard from Star Trek First Contact. I used the Mega Bloks head for Captain Picard, but  I made the body out of lego.

The 7th Ship to bear the name…Enterprise

The Bridge of the Enterprise-E. Unfortunately I couldn’t complete all of the walls because I ran out of parts. I also made a Picard minifig with the Head and Phaser from the Mega Bloks set, but a custom Star Trek: First Contact uniform.