New photos of the BC-303 Prometheus!

Here are some new photos of the BC-303 Prometheus from Stargate SG-1! Check out the full gallery and learn about the building process here. Don’t forget to subscribe and follow my Facebook page for the gallery for Destiny which is coming soon!

Repost of Stargate Mini ships

I thought I would repost my Stargate mini-ships because they were quite popular when I originally posted them. Destiny: Ori Mothership: The Deadalus: Prometheus: The Fleet:

Stargate SG-1 Mini Scale Ships

For fun, I decided to make some minis of Earth ships from Stargate SG-1. So, I made the USS Odyssey and USAF Prometheus. I’d like to make some mini alien ships as well sometime soon. I really like Earth Battlecruisers in Stargate. I wish they’d come up with a new design soon, though. Something more…