A break from blogging


There are lots of things I want to make out of lego, a new MACO Rifle, A thunderbolt and a whole list that’s a page long. But, I just don’t feel motivated. Every now and again, I suddenly get the urge to make something great, but as I start the motivation goes and I just can’t make it work.

A year ago, the parts just came together in my mind. The creativity just flowed. At the moment it is gone. I just can’t build the things I want to build, even though a year ago I probably could. As I look back over the things I’ve made, I realise that I probably couldn’t do them now.

I just need to follow my heart and do what feels right. At the moment lego does not and it is infact a struggle to build. My motivation for lots of things has fallen through and I really don’t know why. The views for my blog were soaring, my writing was getting published in magazines, my schoolwork was perfect. And it was easy, everything was going great. Now, I just have no urge to do any of it and it’s all a struggle.

So for now. I decided to stop blogging and I really hope that someday I will return to it. In fact I almost definitely will, I just don’t know when. I might make the occasional post. If you still want to follow the blog, please subscribe and you’ll find out when I’m blogging again. If you can’t subscribe just send me your email address ( to qapla01@hotmail.com) and I’ll notify you.

Thanks for visiting my blog!


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