Update on the Pegasus

Unfortunately, construction on the Pegasus is at a stand-still. I am unable to put on the lower flight pods for a few reasons. These are:

  • They are too heavy. When I put on the underside flight pod the two flight pods lag and then fall off. I can’t support it more without making the ship very ugly.
  • They look awful! They don’t suit the ship at all and it looks for better without them from any angle or perspective.
  • I don’t think I have enough pieces for making two underside flight pods and I won’t have money to buy more for about a month.

Other than the flight pods, the ship is going really good. I just have to put more detail on the back. There are a few details that I’ve left out because it will cause even more complication, but I might put them in on a later version. In the mean time I will take photos of my Mark II Viper and BSG Minifigs and I will be working on a new custom fighter and maybe a Mark VII Viper.

By the way Pegasus is huge. It’s extremely heavy (too heavy to carry in one hand). And it is about 70cm long. It is by far the biggest ship I’ve made out of lego by size and the biggest thing I’ve made out of lego by the amount of pieces. When it’s finished I will take a lot of photos and probably some film as well.


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