THE QUINJET V3.0 [Full first set of photos]

Unfortunately a lot of the photos I took did not come out too well so I have a small set. Some of these photos were in the last post. A lot weren’t. As I have further edited, sorted, renamed and deleted photos since the previews that were posted I am unsure what has been posted.

Unfortunately I have destroyed the Stark Tower model I was working on to rebuild The Sword of Anduril and Sting from The Lord of The Rings and The Hobbit.

However there will be exciting projects to come! As well as new photos of the Quinjet that hopefully will be far better quality!

You will notice the Quinjet’s interior can hold around 20 minifigures and has a spacious double cockpit. Soon I will take close up photos of the new SHIELD Minifigs. On the wings there are firing cannons and the cockpit opens. My main aims in making the jet larger were to have a spacious interior and have the wings fold open for the rotors to rotate on the wings (unlike the official Lego set)

Quinjet V3.0 Set 1 (17)Quinjet V3.0 Set 1 (18)Quinjet V3.0 Set 1 (19)Quinjet V3.0 Set 1 (20)Quinjet V3.0 Set 1 (22)


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