“Dare to Dream”

Sorry it has been a while since I have posted anything. I simply haven’t had time to build, but I do have a hefty amount of material for The Last Journey and will be posting it as I edit it. I’ve found a few of the missing pieces of my old Enterprise from Star Trek 2009 and I have started to put it back together for a new version seeing as the new movie is coming out. I don’t know how the project will go. It depends on if I can find the parts and make some significant improvements! Here is a photo of the ship I am trying to rebuild.


Some things I am working on are streamlining the saucer, modifying the warp nacelles, changing the nacelle pylons and streamlining the connection between the saucer and the stardrive. Other than that my only work in progress at the moment is the blackbird viper. To make another major project I am going to have to choose between destroying the Andromeda or the Enterprise NX-01 and I’m not keen on either option.

The first instalment of The Last Journey should be up in a day or so. Here are some photos of the Enterprise NX-01 and the Video. I’ve also put in a brand new wallpaper!


Don’t forget all of my videos are now on a separate page now!



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