Helping YOU build

Over the past few weeks I have been working on a huge update to the blog – you’ve probably noticed that it looks a bit different. I am excited to talk about how the update isn’t just about how the blog looks. I have added a new component called ‘Helping YOU build’ and its about exactly that. Its a resource designed to help other Lego builders. The pages I originally had to help builders have been expanded and virtually rewritten to hopefully help builders, young and older, to a bigger extent.

There are two pages – one for general building. It includes a step by step guide for the building process of almost any creation. The other is a minifigure guide to help you build custom minifigures. To access these pages go to the top section of the menu.

This is new for me as well. I am likely to change it and improve it as time passes, and hopefully add more pages! Do you have any feedback? What parts work? What parts don’t? Comment below and I will use that feedback to make ‘Helping YOU build’ the best it can be!

I hope you enjoy the new update in how the blog looks and in the new content!


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