The USS Discovery NCC-1031

I think Discovery was by far one of the most challenging builds I have ever done. It took over a year to complete, and a lot of false starts. When I build I want to get every angle just right, and the angles of Discovery’s stardrive section didn’t work well with LEGO (R) bricks. The next challenge was having an unconventional structure (to get the angles right) that could cope with the weight of the warp nacelles. Eventually I got there though! Pictures of the finished product are below.

You might be thinking, what’s next? Well, the hope is to build the Enterprise or ‘Discoprise”! And to the same scale. Then I intend to create the battle scene from the end of Season 2. My hope is for this to be my display at Brickvention 2020! I think I’ve been inspired by watching LEGO Masters (R) Australia. Now I want to build bigger, and build some epic scenes! So we’ll see how I go.

Enjoy the photos!


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