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This section is designed to help YOU build! Its not about any specific model, but how to build anything. Remember you can build anything you dream of, whether you are a kid, a teenager or an AFOL (Adult Fan of LEGO®). This area is a resource to give you a helping hand. If you have any questions or feedback, comment or send me a message at Good luck and Happy building!

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  1. Jacob Stevens says:

    Hey I am attempting to build a mid scale Enterprise-D model, but I have no good nacelle parts, could you recommend some parts to use for that?

    1. trekkie96 says:

      Mmm. Warp Nacelles are hard. I’d use roof pieces, either the 2 by 2 or 1 by 1 pieces depending on the size. You could also even use just flat pieces with a clear red piece at the front for the ramscoop and a blue falt piece in the middle of the nacelle, though that would only work if the model was small enough. Please send me a pic when you’re done!

  2. Christopher Quay says:

    Hi, i am having trouble finding inspiraton on what to build. I tend to use grey and black pieces, so spaceships are my specialty. But whenever I try to figure out WHAT spaceship to build, my mind goes blank. Every ship in existance has either been a lego set, or someone else built it before. PLEASE HELP!!!!

    1. trekkie96 says:

      I understand what you mean, I often find problems working out what to build. So you’d like a lego ship that hasn’t been built before? Well I found a lot of Andromeda ships have not been built (I would love to see some High Guard ships in lego!), as well as a lot of babylon 5 ships. I’ve also noticed very few BSG ships online. For black though, I find it is really good for making guns and grey can be used for Sci-fi weapons like a Star Trek Phaser or even props like Tricorders, etc. You could also make shuttlecraft/fighters (like F302s or Starfury’s) or any auxiliary craft. I hope that was of help.

  3. Christopher Quay says:

    Thanks! I’ll see what I can do! You can see my crations at MOC Pages, my name is Squierl of Doom.

    1. trekkie96 says:

      They are actually awesome!! Great job! I will add you to my sci-fi group on MOCPages

      1. Christopher Quay says:

        Thanks again; Just wondering, do you know of any good Star Wars ships that haven’t been done yet?

      2. trekkie96 says:

        That’s ok. Sorry, but I don’t watch much Star Wars. I do know though that the Star Destroyers have not been done well in Lego sets and maybe a coruscant diorama?

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