More Star Trek 11 Lego!

A continuation of my previous post. Note that a lot of the stuff here and in the last post is not final versions and has not been previously posted. The Enterprise NCC-1701 Bridge: The USS Enterprise NCC-1701 Transporter Room (This creation was considered a ‘failure’ and never posted online): Phaser Prop V1 (10/5/09): Version 2…

Star Trek 11 Lego

Over the years since about 2008 and the present I have made many creations from the new Star Trek movie and quite a few versions of different things too. The Enterprise NCC-1701 Re-Imagined Version 1 (10/5/09): Version 2 (19/11/10): Version 3 (27/1/11): Minifigures Version 1 (10/5/09):Version 2 (4/7/09): Version 3 (29/7/09): More Star Trek 11…

Lego Minifigures

My best Lego minifigures. I’m hoping to make some more B5 ones soon and more Stargate ones.

New Photos

New Photos of the Enterprise NCC-1701 bridge from Star Trek 2009.