More Star Trek 11 Lego!

A continuation of my previous post. Note that a lot of the stuff here and in the last post is not final versions and has not been previously posted.

The Enterprise NCC-1701 Bridge: Bridge_06IMG_3742IMG_3743IMG_3746Bridge_01Bridge_02Bridge_03Bridge_04

The USS Enterprise NCC-1701 Transporter Room (This creation was considered a ‘failure’ and never posted online):IMG_0735IMG_0736

Phaser Prop V1 (10/5/09):IMG_0540IMG_0533IMG_0534IMG_0535IMG_0536IMG_0539

Version 2 (21/5/09): IMG_0630IMG_0613IMG_0615IMG_0616IMG_0620IMG_0627

Version 3 (4/7/09), unfortunately I have very few photos of this version: IMG_0757IMG_0745IMG_0746

Communicator Version 1 (10/5/09): IMG_0597IMG_0531

Version 2 (21/5/09): IMG_2235IMG_0628IMG_0629IMG_2227IMG_2230

The Tricorder (Only one version was made):IMG_2219IMG_2223IMG_2224IMG_2226


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