Agent Cameron’s weapon from Continuum

The new Syfy show Continuum is actually a fantastic show. Its one of the best sci-fi shows I have seen released in a few years – It is ingenious and well made. So as I was watching the show I decided to make the gun used by CPS agents in 2077. As with the Klingon…

Coming soon!

Here are some photos of the Lego creations I have been working on! Doug Drexler’s Enterprise NX-01 Refit:A Klingon Bird of Prey:A CPS Gun from the show Continuum Now I’m working on some finishing touches to the Enterprise NX-01 Refit and finished the SSV Normandy and USS Vengeance

Another Props Repost

And at the moment working on a new Hand Phaser from Star Trek: Nemesis. After that I will work on a Phaser Rifle and Tricorder from Nemesis. With the P90, I have tried to make a firing machine gun, but it is a little above my range of skills. However this model P90 has a…

Stargate SG-1 Zat Gun

I made this ages ago by special request and it has missed out being posted. Back then, I had extremely limited parts. Nowadays I may make a better version that is also a bit larger.

Phase Pistol V2.0

Here it is, the Phase Pistol V2.0. It took a bit of work and it’s far better than the old version. I replaced the entire front part and the battery. I also added a beam to it. There is also a V3.0 with a few minor changes. I may post that later on.  

MACO Pulse Rifle

The first creation for 2011. The MACO Pulse Rifle from Star Trek: Enterprise. I noticed an interesting fact about When Enterprise is set. It’s actually set at the same time as Avatar and Babylon 5. The three shows are so different. It’s interesting to see what different people think the 2150s are going to be…

The P90

P90’s are the Standard weapon used by SG-1 (for half the series) and the Atlantis Expedition. I’ve always found them a pretty cool gun. My friend agreed, so we decided to make one out of Lego. It came out really well. We ended up using a canon for the firing mechanism. The original mechanism, wasn’t…