Another Props Repost

And at the moment working on a new Hand Phaser from Star Trek: Nemesis. After that I will work on a Phaser Rifle and Tricorder from Nemesis.

With the P90, I have tried to make a firing machine gun, but it is a little above my range of skills. However this model P90 has a lego cannon in it that fires.

A MACO Pulse Rifle from Star Trek Enterprise:


A Phase Pistol from Star Trek Enterprise:


A P90 from Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis:


And the First version of the Phase Pistol:

Phase Pistol_9IMG_3850IMG_3851IMG_3854Phase Pistol_1Phase Pistol_2Phase Pistol_3Phase Pistol_5Phase Pistol_6Phase Pistol_7

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