Studio! (And Atlantis)

The hot goss in the LEGO (R) community seems to be Bricklink’s new program called Studio, so I decided to give it a go, and WOW! I am impressed. It has finally given me a platform I find easy to use to design creations digitally, with a huge parts library. It also has functions that…

Stargate SG-1 Minifigs

Some more minifigs (From SG-1 this time). You can email me at for the vest decals. Colonel Cameron Mitchell Dr Daniel Jackson Colonel Carter

Stargate – USS Odyssey

I’ve been making Daedalus-class ships for ages, since it is one of my favourite ship designs. Mostly I used the same design for each version with a few modifications. Now, I’ve completely redesigned it with the parts from the Death Star. The Odyssey, Apollo and General Hammond all have the same design as the Daedalus….

SGU-The Destiny

This is the Destiny from Stargate: Universe. I believe it is pretty accurate. I didn’t have many pics of the actual ship or bricks to build it with.