Studio! (And Atlantis)

The hot goss in the LEGO (R) community seems to be Bricklink’s new program called Studio, so I decided to give it a go, and WOW! I am impressed. It has finally given me a platform I find easy to use to design creations digitally, with a huge parts library. It also has functions that allow me to directly order the parts through Bricklink and generate instructions.

So its safe to say its created some new opportunities! I love building with the freedom of not needing to worry about the parts, and being able to just order the parts for that set specifically – it makes it a lot cheaper and easier. But more importantly, it allows me to create my own sets, and to create building instructions easily.

My first project, which certainly tested the program, is Atlantis! I’ve built it at a small-scale, and I still hold onto the dream of building it one day at a much bigger scale.

What do you think? I’m not making any promises, but the hope is to make it into one of my own fan-made sets, or put the instructions online.



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