A repost of the Akira-Class USS Thunderchild

This hardy ship was seen in Star Trek: First Contact and DS9. It is a personal favourite, so of course I made it from lego. This was made a few years ago with parts from the Mega Bloks Star Trek Set and based exactly on the Star Trek: Fact Files schematics.

USS Daedalus Bridge–New Photos

These are some more photos of the USS Daedalus Bridge V2 I made a while back. It’s destroyed now unfortunately – but a larger USS Daedalus with an accurate interior is on the cards.

The Valdore and a General Update

Here are some photos of The Valdore from Star Trek: Nemesis. Unfortunately they aren’t very high resolution…not quite sure yet, but I’ll work that out. Also I haven’t compared the finished model to the pictures so I may make a more accurate version 2 in the future. Next project will be The Destiny from Stargate…

Something else from the Dark Ages

I don’t even remember when I made this. It was the same design as my original Daedalus. In fact I made about 10 Daedalus-class ships with this design. Eventually I upgraded the ‘Daedalus design’ to what I put on my latest ship. About the ship: I called it the Orion with the backstory that it…

A trip through memory lane

This was the first ship I made – The USAF Daedalus. In fact it was my first sci-fi creation. It was the beginning of it all. This is a ‘refitted version’. I didn’t take many photos back then. I didn’t even have a camera. I’ve never posted this before by the way. And here is…

Some Stargate Miniships (repost)

I posted these ages ago and I don’t think much of them. However, the stats say different. These miniships and The Destiny seem to be my most popular creations.

“Ancient in the very essence of the word”

A repost of the Destiny from SGU. This was my first post all those years ago (Well only two years go, but it feels like a long time) . It’s ironic that is an ancient ship – one of the first ships sent out to explore the universe and it was also my first post,…

USS Odyssey (Repost)

Some pictures of the USS Odyssey I made a while ago. I am considering rebuilding it, but with an interior and far larger or building the BC-303 Prometheus.

Battlestar ‘Orion’

So, I now know what I need to do to finish off Pegasus, but it’ll take a while. However, the ship I have at the moment is a full battlestar. It’s just not Pegasus, so I am going to call it the Battlestar Orion. It is a fully separate ship now. So, I’ve taken heaps…