The Valdore and a General Update

Here are some photos of The Valdore from Star Trek: Nemesis. Unfortunately they aren’t very high resolution…not quite sure yet, but I’ll work that out. Also I haven’t compared the finished model to the pictures so I may make a more accurate version 2 in the future.

Next project will be The Destiny from Stargate Universe (A second much larger and more detailed version). I’ve already started work on it. Unfortunately Pegasus is chewing up a lot of pieces, which limits what I can make…and I’ve decided to keep it up a while longer due to special request.

I think after Destiny, I will aim to sort all of my pieces so I can take stock of exactly what I have and find any extra pieces that I can use to hopefully finish Pegasus or make some other creations. I’m hoping that I may even be able to find enough pieces to make a Phaser Rifle from Star Trek: Nemesis.



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