BSG Viper and Minifigs

Here is my Mark VII Viper. It took a bit of work, but it is finally done. I did a lot of experimenting with the angle pieces. And I have some minifgs: Admiral Adama (without glasses), Lt Starbuck, Captain Apollo, and 2 pilots (Which were meant to be Apollo and Starbuck). I decided to make the pilots so I could put something in the cockpit of the Vipers.

On the topic of cockpits, that is one the best features of my Mark VII Viper. It has a large cockpit. I can even fit a chair in it and emergency supplies.




Also, I am planning to make a video with the BS Orion, Minifigs and the two Vipers. And after that I am even considering doing some filming of some of my creations and talking about them.


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