USS Daedalus Building Instructions!

The building instructions for my mini USS Daedalus are finally ready! You can access them, and any future building instructions on the new page in ‘Helping YOU build’! You can also download them here: Stargate – Mini USS Daedalus

Building instructions!

It’s taken me a while, but I am finally working on some building instructions. I plan to start with some new Stargate mini-ships (The Daedalus, The Prometheus, The Destiny). From there, we’ll see how it goes. More info to come! In the meantime here’s a preview of my the mini-Daedalus! Comment if you have anything…

USS Daedalus video

Have a look at my new video of the USS Daedalus from Stargate: Atlantis!

Updated USS Daedalus

I made some updates to the details on my USS Deadalus model before displaying it at Oz Comic-Con recently. Here are the photos!

The Odyssey

I thought I would put up a repost of my real first major project – the USS Odyssey from Stargate. I know it is far from perfect and I am considering a remake soon. I have actually made many versions of the Daedalus-Class and it was my first lego project to be photographed. And of…

Battlestar Galactica Repost

A repost of some Battlestar Galactica Lego creations. I have modified the Mark 7 Viper cockpit since taking photos and I am making a Stealth Viper at the moment. I have a Slipfighter from Andromeda ready to take photos of but I am having techinical difficulties. Lt Starbuck from the original: The Battlestar Pegasus: Mark…

BSG Viper and Minifigs

Here is my Mark VII Viper. It took a bit of work, but it is finally done. I did a lot of experimenting with the angle pieces. And I have some minifgs: Admiral Adama (without glasses), Lt Starbuck, Captain Apollo, and 2 pilots (Which were meant to be Apollo and Starbuck). I decided to make…