STAR TREK: THE LAST JOURNEY Chapter 2–Over Two Centuries Later


Now I will take you to a time 200 hundred years later in the year 2383 on the Space Station Deep Space Nine. The station stood in orbit of Bajor, glistening like a jewel in space. Three ships dropped out of warp and approached the station. They were the USS Voyager, the USS Titan and the USS Enterprise-E.

Admiral Janeway, Captain Sisko, Captain Riker and Captain Picard were sitting around the table in the war-room. They had been called there for a conference call with The President. Within a few minutes, the screen flashed on and they were greeted with the face of President Jane Scott.

She greeted them and began her briefing. She was cold and brusque. She was not there for formalities or a nice speech. She was there for business. “Your mandate is to use the Borg transwarp conduit to reach the Delta-Quadrant. There you will create a new branch of The Federation and eventually regain contact with our forces in the Alpha-Quadrant. You are going into an area of the Delta-Quadrant that we have never explored. Even Voyager went nowhere near there. You will most likely encounter hostile species, but hopefully you will make allies too. You have three ships, three great crews and our best soldiers. I have complete confidence that you will make the mission succeed, no matter the cost. You have the Blessing of the entire United Federation of Planets.”

Janeway was confused, “Our Best soldiers?”

Scott smiled, “The new troops. After the Dominion War, we have felt the need to better equip ourselves for wartime. As a result, we have been training an army of 100 000 highly skilled marines. A detachment of 500 will be assigned to your fleet. This is need to know information. Remember that”

Sisko immediately replied. He had fought the Dominion War and he knew that War was over. Sending troops with the fleet was a stepping stone for creating another one. It would undermine the very idea of the mission. “I must object! We do not-.”

The President butted in. She was frowning more now, “Objection noted, but I call the shots, not you. I have to go. Trust me – you’ll need the troops. We always do. We always have.”

She screen went black. “This isn’t good,” Riker said, “We’re there to make peace – not war.” They all knew something wasn’t right. The President was becoming cold and paranoid. Unfortunately they couldn’t act on it yet.

Picard spoke, “Have you ever found that before a change in the weather, literally and metaphorically, that you can feel it in the air, because, right now, I can feel a storm coming.”

“I think we all can,” replied Janeway.

Captain Sisko was in his quarters watching the ships through the window. He knew he should be packing for the Journey ahead, but he had to watch those ships. He’d seen Federation ships a hundred times before, but this was special. These ships would never be coming back.

They went out of view and he went back to packing. He was ecstatic to be going to the Delta-Quadrant as an ambassador. It would be the adventure of a lifetime and he would of course be spending it with his wife and son. Yet, he was still sad to leave DS9 and Bajor. It had been his home for so long. He was also worried about the troops and The President. He knew a time might come when they would have to take action, but he managed those thoughts aside for now. The adventure of a lifetime was coming.

Sisko wasn’t the only one leaving. So was a Ferengi, Nog. “Don’t go,” begged Rom.

“I have to Father, I just have to,” whispered Nog as he put the last piece of luggage in the airlock. He had walked from his quarters to the airlock dozens of times. Many of those times, he knew he’d be going into a battle from which he may never come back. This time was different though, because he knew he definitely wouldn’t be coming back.

He would miss the station, The Bar, his Uncle, Rom, but he was going on a new adventure. He knew it was time to move on.

He reached the airlock corridor. When he got there, Captain Sisko, Jake and Kasidy joined him. Ezri, O’Brien and Kira stood on the left side of the corridor. There was an honour guard on the right hand side. They said their goodbyes, gave final hugs, took one final glance back and walked into the airlock.

On Voyager’s bridge, the crew stood at their posts, ready for The Admiral’s command. “Put me on fleetwide,” she ordered. “This is Admiral Janeway, commanding officer of the Delta-Quadrant mission. Today we are leaving on a journey that will change the fate of the galaxy. In fact it could be the most important mission that The Federation has ever launched. You know your mandate and if you continue to do your duty we will succeed. I know we may never come home, but we won’t need to, because home is no longer a place. It is a mission. Thank you. Thank you for joining me.”

Janeway looked around the bridge at every individual officer, crewman and official. She had complete faith in every one of them. They were ready.

“This is USS Voyager to Deep Space Nine. We are requesting permission to launch.”

Kira’s voice came through the speaker, “Permission Granted and Good luck.”

“All ships, break away from dock and move into formation. Ensign Kym, bring the Transwarp Drive online,” Ordered Janeway

“Transwarp drive is online. We are go for launch,” he replied


A rift opened and the four ships disappeared through it. “Goodbye,” Kira whispered under her breath.


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