Hi everyone,

The reason for the lack of posts lately has been that I’ve been a bit unwell and have lots of school commitments. Still I have added lots of details to my Star Trek 12 Enterprise NCC-1701. I’m hoping that when I see the movie on Friday I will be inspired to make some more models. My other Lego project at the moment is the Stealth Viper from Battlestar Galactica.

When it comes to my Fan Fiction – Chapter 5 has been written. It is quite a long and epic Chapter, however I am not happy with it. Its still a draft and I’d like to change the order of a few things to make it less confusing. I’m also a bit hesitant given the lack of interest, the total views is around 10 for the Fan Fiction so it may not be worth continuing. So if you’re reading it or want to read it leave a comment!

So what you’ve got to look forward to is my new Enterprise, the Blackbird Viper and Chapter Five of the Last Journey!

Here’s a photo of the Battlestar Pegasus and the IAS Excalibur (my two largest Lego Ships to date!)IMG_5907IMG_3728


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