An update after a few months off!

I thought it was time for an update on what I am working on and the exciting things that are coming up! If you’re a Stargate, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica or Babylon 5 (That’s right, the classic sci-fi show B5 is getting added to the mix!) fan – then keep reading. I have had a…


Hi everyone, The reason for the lack of posts lately has been that I’ve been a bit unwell and have lots of school commitments. Still I have added lots of details to my Star Trek 12 Enterprise NCC-1701. I’m hoping that when I see the movie on Friday I will be inspired to make some…

“The Name of the place is Babylon 5”

A Repost of my Babylon 5 Lego Creations. I have been hoping for a long time to make some more B5 Lego. I have wanted to make a Thunderbolt Starfury but I have only two cockpits and both are in use on BSG Vipers. I am also starting to come up with a design for…

Babylon 5 Lego Repost

A repost of my Babylon 5 Lego. Sometime in the future I may make an Omega-Destroyer, a Thunderbolt or even the station.

Babylon 5 Lego (Repost)

Some of the creations I made from B5 last year: The Excalibur – The Whitestar – The Starfury – Minifigures –

Sci-Fi Lego Video

This Video has all of my latest Lego creations with music from Babylon 5. It Includes the Excalibur V 3.0. Sci-Fi Lego 2

The I.A.S. Excalibur V 3.0

When I made the second version of the Excalibur, I thought that would be it. But, then I realised that yes, it was far better than my first version, but it could still be even more better. So, I set out to make it better. I had a few disasters and problems with the weight…

Crusade – IAS Excalibur

The Excalibur is seen in The Babylon 5 Movie, A Call To Arms and the Spin-off series Crusade. It’s 3km long and Dwarfs a Whitestar-class ship or any Earth-Force ship. This is my second version of the ship, the first wasn’t much good. You can have a look in the Blog archives. This version is…

Crusade – IAS Excalibur

Here’s another one I made a while ago. The Excalibur from the Babylon 5 Spin-off Series, Crusade.