Happy Star Trek Day! (and a throwback to the Romulan warbird Valdore)

Its Star Trek day today! And what an exciting time to be a Star Trek fan – with three shows currently airing, and more in production! I thought it was time to throwback to Star Trek: Nemesis. It divided fans, but personally it was one of my favourite movies. Whether you did or didn’t like the last adventures of the TNG crew (before Star Trek: Picard!) it still bought us a new design for the classic Romulan Warbird – the Norexan-class.

I was always a fan of the D’Deridex-class from The Next Generation, but I was still wowed by the new design! I think its one of the best non-Starfleet ships we have seen in the Star Trek universe. So to celebrate Star Trek day, here are some pics of an old MOC, the Valdore!

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