“…It’s five year mission to seek out strange new worlds…”

Update 20/5/21: Check out the finished build here!

My latest project is the “Discroprise”, the re-imagined Enterprise from Pike’s era in Star Trek Discovery. As soon as I saw the new Enterprise on screen, I knew it was time to build the classic Enterprise in LEGO form.

I have held back for a while, because I wasn’t quite sure how I would get the stardrive just right. I tried a completely new technique inspired by the Saturn V rocket design. The stardrive is fully “SNOT” (Studs not on top) with a basic skeleton and slope plates on the outside – this makes it studless and allows me to get the shape perfect.

This MOC isn’t finished yet! I still need to do some work on the saucer and the nacelles, as well as the back of the stardrive but I thought I would share some more work in progress photos. It was meant to be a smaller build but I got carried away and it is approximately 70cm long!

Check out the photos!


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  1. Chip Thomas says:

    Looks amazing!

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