An update after a few months off!

I thought it was time for an update on what I am working on and the exciting things that are coming up! If you’re a Stargate, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica or Babylon 5 (That’s right, the classic sci-fi show B5 is getting added to the mix!) fan – then keep reading.

I have had a bit of a break from building, but now I am right back on track and my current projects are getting the pictures of Prometheus and Destiny edited and the pages up, and finishing off the “Discoprise” from Star Trek: Discovery.

After that, it’s time to move into some new things! In the Star Trek Universe I’ll be working on the USS Titan, the USS Voyager-J and the USS Zheng He! I also want to have a go at the Discovery-A, but it will be a challenging build and might take me a while!

In the Stargate Universe, I am going for something completely new – the Asgard fleet. There are some great designs and I am keen to build them in both real life and a mini-scale for building instructions (so there will be some more building instructions coming too!)

I almost forgot about Battlestar Galactica, the project is to build the whole Colonial fleet (to approximate scale with Galactica), so I will be doing that a few ships at a time between the other projects – so keep an eye on the page to see the fleet get bigger and bigger!

Finally – the most exciting news! I have always loved Babylon 5, and I think it’s time to do some builds. These will be the Excalibur (from the spin-off Crusade), a White star and a minifigure-scale Starfury.

There’s lots on the cards, and I am sure I will think of more! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and Facebook for the latest updates, and comment below what you would like to see me build.


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