A throwback to the USS Discovery!

Since I dismantled my original LEGO® USS Discovery from Star Trek to build the USS Discovery A, USS Titan and USS Zheng He, I thought it was time for a throwback to the original! This build was 113cm long, making it the biggest ship I have built (and my biggest MOC by number of bricks).

I dismantled it because I was never fully happy with the design and it used so many parts, which I really wanted to free up for some other builds. I was planning to convert it to the Discovery-A but realised I would need to full dismantle it to do the conversion. It also took up too much space!

Here are some new edits! You can see the main page and full gallery here and don’t forget to check out the USS Discovery-A!

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  2. Lachie C says:

    Wow! I love this model! Shame it had to be pillaged for parts, but I’m sure the pieces were put to good use!

    1. Scifibriks says:

      I am so glad you like it! It was a shame to dismantle it, but at least I have gotten three new builds from it so far!

  3. I am so sad you dismantled it 😦 Do you think you will rebuild it again?

    1. Scifibriks says:

      I am not sure but maybe! I am sad about it too!

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