“…On Snowpiercer, 1001 cars long.”

This build is very different to what I normally do, but I have wanted to have a LEGO® model of this train for so long. It has seven cars. Each car has 4 bogies, meaning that it is equivalent to 14 standard LEGO® train carriages! The train is nearly 3 metres long in total, which has made it a challenge to photograph and film. You can see the size comparison here:

Here are some stats:

  • Each car is 37cm long.
  • The entire train is 2.7m long.
  • It is 11 studs wide.

It was such a fun build because I could be creative and make each car a little different. I included some fun easter eggs like the observation dome, AGSEC and the dock on the tail. There are also custom printed Wilford logo tiles. My favourite easter egg is a custom designed and printed Minifigure of Melanie!

Here’s some pics of the train! The plan is to add more cars and build a massive icy mountain scene.

“People of Snowpiercer, touch a surface. Go on, put your hand to something, anything. Go on, feel it. Take it in. That is our sacred hum. That’s our heartbeat. And she’s roaring!”

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