LEGO Swords!

I build swords from iconic TV shows, video games and movies like the Lord of the Rings, Shadowhunters and The Legend of Zelda in LEGO® brick form. These swords are all 1:1 scale and completely “swooshable”! I find building LEGO® swords so much fun because it’s fun to build something that is a 1:1 replica…

Oz Comic-Con Melbourne

I had a fantastic weekend at Oz Comic-Con Melbourne. It was great to have a full table display alongside the Melbourne Lego User Group (MUGs). The highlight was showing off Discovery only a few days after it was finished and the new Shadowhunters sword! Overall the feedback was great and it was good to display…

"Sting is my name. I am the spider’s bane".

“Maegnas aen estar nin dagnir in yngyl im”.  – “Sting is my name. I am the spider’s bane.” Sting is Bilbo Baggins sword in The Hobbit and Frodo’s sword in The Lord of The RIngs. Technically it is a dagger. It is made by elves and glows blue when Orcs are near. The above quote is engraved on the blade….

Sci-Fi Lego 5

Here is my latest sci-fi Lego video. It contains pretty much everything. There are more details in the description.

Minifigures Repost!

A repost of as many minifigs as I can find! At least 30% of these HAVE NOT BEEN POSTED before!   Captain Dylan Hunt V1.0: Captain Dylan Hunt V2.0: High Guard Officers and Captain: Avengers Minifigures (Black Widow and Hawkeye): Babylon 5 Minifigures (Sheridan V2, Pilot and Ivanova V1) I seem to be missing photos…

Sci-Fi Lego 3

My latest Sci-Fi lego video. Includes my newest creations and some very old ones from 2008-2011. Some of the creations have not been put online yet. Sci-Fi Lego 3

Lego Minifigures

My best Lego minifigures. I’m hoping to make some more B5 ones soon and more Stargate ones.

The Sword of Anduril V2.0

Here is the second Version of Anduril. It is far more accurate than V1.0 and it is to exact 1:1 scale with the actual sword. It is 134cm long. There is a minifigure in two of the pics for scale. Here is a pic of the sword with the colours corrected on the computer:

The Blade that was broken has been reforged

The Sword of Anduril from The Lord of The Rings. It was the shards of Narsil, but then got reforged by the elves and Aragorn used it in The Return of The King. I’ve been wanting to make it for ages, but I didn’t have the parts, now I do! The actual sword has a blade that’s…