Oz Comic-Con Melbourne

I had a fantastic weekend at Oz Comic-Con Melbourne. It was great to have a full table display alongside the Melbourne Lego User Group (MUGs). The highlight was showing off Discovery only a few days after it was finished and the new Shadowhunters sword! Overall the feedback was great and it was good to display for a crowd that’s into what I build. I am hoping I’ll be able to reinforce the Shadowhunters sword and the Lord of the Rings swords so I can have more interactive displays in the future and people can pick up the swords and take photos with them.

The display got great feedback, and Dominic Sherwood (aka Jace) loved the Soul Sword from Shadowhunters! I was lucky enough to get a photo of him rocking the sword!

The rest of the display was fantastic as well! With Pokemon, Marvel and Doctor Who making an appearance. It was great to see such a diverse and sci-fi oriented display. Here are a few photos of everyone else’s creations:

And of course we were lucky enough to have the Honda LEGO ® car at Oz Comic-Con as well!


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