Battlestar Galactica Repost

A repost of some Battlestar Galactica Lego creations. I have modified the Mark 7 Viper cockpit since taking photos and I am making a Stealth Viper at the moment.

I have a Slipfighter from Andromeda ready to take photos of but I am having techinical difficulties.

Lt Starbuck from the original:IMG_4487

The Battlestar Pegasus:IMG_5890IMG_5893IMG_5900IMG_5901IMG_5902IMG_5904IMG_5905IMG_5906IMG_5908IMG_5911IMG_5916IMG_5917IMG_5919IMG_5921IMG_5930IMG_5931IMG_5933IMG_5938

Mark II Viper:IMG_5521IMG_5522IMG_5554IMG_5555IMG_5558IMG_5559IMG_5561IMG_5562IMG_5563IMG_5565IMG_5566

Mark VII Viper:IMG_5636IMG_5638IMG_5639IMG_5640IMG_5643IMG_5644IMG_5645IMG_5646IMG_5831IMG_5834IMG_5835IMG_5838IMG_5839IMG_5840IMG_5843IMG_5844IMG_5848


And some photos from years ago of my mini Vipers: (I plan on remaking this sometime)


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