The Last Journey–CHAPTER NINE

CHAPTER NINE – REMEMBERING USS ENTERPRISE-E, DELTA QUADRANT This chapter of my adventure will be the strangest for me to write. It is based on documents and records I obtained afterwards, but most of all the account is based on an inspiring young journalist by the name of Jake Sisko. I haven’t mentioned much of…

The Last Journey: Chapter 6 – Corruption

  So Far what’s happened: Enterprise NX-01 transported to Delta-Quadrant. Archer has strange feelings of this being his last adventure and Utopia being home. USS Voyager, USS Titan and USS Enterprise sent to Delta Quadrant to expand Federation. Delta Quadrant fleet arrives and sets course for a planet. Planet turns out to be Utopia. A…

The Last Journey: Chapter 4 – Arrival

Brace yourself for the latest extra large Chapter of my Star Trek Fan Fiction tale! What do you think is going to happen next? CHAPTER FOUR – ARRIVAL EARTH, YEAR 2383, SECTOR 001 President Jane Scott looked out of her office into the Parisian cityscape. It was truly remarkable. Paris was called the city of…


Here are some pics of the Omega-Destroyer from B5. It is incomplete since I ran out of parts. I may try again when I have more parts. The Phase Pistol V2.0 is nearly complete and once it’s done, I’ll get to work on the Shuttlepod from Star Trek: Enterprise.

B5 – Starfury

Here is the Starfury from B5. It can hold a minifgure and has flick-missiles.

A Mini Enterprise NX-01

The Enterprise NX-01 is a great ship and I wouldn’t have been able to do it justice with a large version, so I made a mini-scale version.

Earth’s first Battlecruiser

The USAF Prometheus. Not as good as the Daedalus-class ships, but still a great ship! I also made some mini F-302s for it, they’re in some of the photos of the Odyssey as well.